A Starfield Build Planner Has Already Gone Live

For a game as dense as Starfield, it’s natural that people will start looking for build planners so that they can plan beforehand to make a perfect character. A build planner almost becomes essential when Bethesda Game Studios is at the helm of an RPG like Starfield. Considering the need, a Starfield build planner has already gone live, thanks to Nukes & Dragons.

The Starfield build planner, of course, is incomplete for the time being and is based on the current information. Still, it gives you a good idea by offering you the main elements you will decide while creating a character in Starfield. So, if you can’t wait for the game to release, you can go ahead and give this build planner a go. Once the game is released officially, we expect to see improvements in the build planner.

Character creation is going to take a lot of time for many players; however, if you want to dive into the action right away, there will be around 40 default characters that players can choose from in the form of Biometric IDs:

starfield character creator

Once you have selected your Biometric ID, you will choose your body type, and after that, comes the face. After you have decided how your character will look, the character creator will ask you to choose your background and this is where things will get complicated. There are a total of 20 backgrounds to choose from and each background will come with a unique set of skills. The build planner already gives you options about which background has which skills by default.

Once you have settled on your background (it’s combat medic for me), you will need to select 3 traits. Each trait will have a benefit and a disadvantage in a typical Bethesda Fashion. So far, we know that there are 18 traits however, that number could be more on release. Now whether Bethesda will allow you to reset any of these choices, remains to be seen. I think that there will be an option to reset the traits at least.

combat medic starfield

After the release of Starfield, more build planners are expected to go live, but for now, we only have one we know of. Now, if you excuse me, I have a Starfield character to plan.