Dualsense Edge Players Have 30 Hours More Game Time on Average Per Month

During CEDEC 2023, Kensei Akiyama, Sony Interactive Entertainment Tokyo Global Developer Technology Department General Manager, shared some insightful stats related to PSVR 2, Dualsense Edge, and Accessibility features. According to the slides shared during the presentation, Dualsense Edge owners, on average, play games 30 hours more than regular Dualsense owners on PlayStation 5.

dualsense edge stats

The data also shows that Dualsense Edge owners also play more titles and have more sessions on average on PS5. Back in January 2023, Sony launched its premium controller for PS5, the Dualsense Edge. The premium controller was priced at $200 with all its bells and whistles. Considering the hefty price tag, it’s safe to assume that the controller primarily targets enthusiasts. Since enthusiasts are expected to game more than regular Dulasense users, these stats shared for Dualsense Edge seem quite logical. The data also revealed that the owners often use the Fn (function) button on Dualsense Edge to change profiles on the fly.

Kensei Akiyama also shared the usage of VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) on PS5 since its launch. According to the graphs, many players have turned on the VRR setting even for the games that don’t officially support it. This indicates that the functionality is doing good on the PS5, and Sony Interactive Entertainment would further want to improve it.

The presentation also shared some insights on PSVR 2 engagement. PSVR 2 seems to be doing well as compared to PSVR when it comes to time spent wearing the headset. Sony believes that it’s due to the ease of use of the Headset and the amount of content available for it.

Moreover, accessibility options for the PS5 are also showing good promise. It was shared that around 10% of users on PS5 are using some accessibility feature offered by Sony. These users are also spending 1.6x more time playing games on the platform. Naturally, with the release of Access controller, these numbers are expected to improve.