Capcom PR Manager Job Listing Hints At Street Fighter 6

New Capcom job listings could have hinted the the progress of Street Fighter 6 development. While nothing specific was named in the job listing, the listing does make mention of a “Street Fighter IP”.

The listing for Senior PR Manager for Fighting games “including Street Fighter” could also mean that Capcom might be gearing up up for the official reveal in the coming year.

Street Fighter 5 came out back in 2016, and since then Capcom seems to have been content with letting the series rest for a few years, at least in terms of moving the series forward in terms of the main numbered games. But, of course, there’s no real confirmation that a new numbered Street Fighter game is currently in the works.

Capcom has been cagey with most details of future Street Fighter games. However, earlier this year it did launch Street Fighter 5’s final character, Luke, with the added blurb that he would be a big player in the future of the Street Fighter series. Exactly what this means, however, remains to be seen.

Considering that the Street Fighter series is one of the big fighting game series, it makes sense that Capcom would eventually start work on Street Fighter 6 (especially given Luke’s announcement and how they promoted him). It may be a while before we see it, however.

Street Fighter 5 has been out for five years, for instance, and the gap between it and Street Fighter 4 was eight years. While it’s unlikely Capcom will take such a long time between numbered entries for every Street Fighter game (especially since they just unveiled someone who might be a major player in 6’s story), we shouldn’t celebrate until we actually see something.

Various leaks about Street Fighter 6 for instance have claimed that the game will include some kind of tag-team mechanic, which caused the game to have to be redone due to poor testing (and was even blamed by some for making Yoshinori Ono leave Capcom).

There hasn’t been any concrete news about a new Street Fighter game from Capcom, but if Street Fighter 6 is slated to come out soon, hopefully we’ll get at least some information about it at some upcoming event.