Will Street Fighter 6 Release on Xbox?

A recent countdown towards the next major Capcom game has revealed that Street Fighter 6 is coming soon. However, the reveal has only released a large number of other questions. One of the most notable ones is whether or not we’ll see Street Fighter 6 release on Xbox consoles, when it releases. Throughout its history, … Read more

Street Fighter 6 To Be Announced On Monday?

For the past several days, a countdown timer has been going on a special Capcom website, leaving fans of the company frantically guessing as to what it could be. Jeff Grubb of the Grubbsnax podcast, believes that the game that will be announced will be Street Fighter 6, though two days remain. It’s been a … Read more

Capcom PR Manager Job Listing Hints At Street Fighter 6

New Capcom job listings could have hinted the the progress of Street Fighter 6 development. While nothing specific was named in the job listing, the listing does make mention of a “Street Fighter IP”. The listing for Senior PR Manager for Fighting games “including Street Fighter” could also mean that Capcom might be gearing up … Read more

Edge Magazine Hands Resident Evil Village a 6 Out of 10

re village haptics ps5

Resident Evil 8, also known as Resident Evil Village, has gained a large amount of critical acclaim since it released on May 7. However, despite many rave reviews, Edge Magazine was far more tepid with the game. Their Resident Evil Village review ended up giving the game a 6 out of 10, shocking many. Edge … Read more