Systemic Reaction’s Next Game Might Be Xbox Exclusive as Well

Avalanche Studios Group’s recent release, Second Extinction was received well. The Game was a top seller for the Month of October, 2020 on Steam. Now, it seems that the Studio is working on a new title and naturally, they are hiring for it.

However, among many job listings, there is an interesting one. The concerned listing is basically for an Xbox Specialist/Systems Programmer. We don’t often see studios hiring specific people for consoles unless they want to release an optimized exclusive? The job listing reads:

Avalanche Studios Group and its creative division Systemic Reaction, is looking for an Xbox Specialist/System Programmer to work on an unannounced title being developed in Stockholm.

Moreover, recent release of Second Extinction by Systemic Reaction was also only for PC and Xbox platforms. So if we connect the dots, it naturally implies that the new, yet to be announced game by Systemic Reaction may also come for PC and Xbox platforms. Naturally, if the release is Microsoft platforms only, we might see it as a Day One Game Pass Release.

However, nothing can be said for sure. These are only logical speculations for the time being. Confirmation can only come through official sources. One thing is sure though, we will be getting a new game announcement soon from Avalanche Studios Group/Systemic Reaction regardless of the fact that it’s an exclusive or not.

Apart from Systemic Reaction, Avalanche Studios Group is also looking for a producer for an Open World Cutting Edge AAA game which is also yet to be announced. The job listing reads:

Avalanche Studios Group and its division Avalanche Studios are looking for a Producer to join a top-tier, experienced team to help craft our next cutting edge AAA open-world game. Avalanche Studios is the division dedicated to ambitious, externally published, AAA open-world games like Just Cause, Mad Max, and Rage 2.

Now I am not sure if mentioning the famous titles like Just Cause, Mad Max or Rage mean anything here but since they haven’t mentioned a New IP, and Avalanche Studio Division itself is dedicated for these games, we might be getting an announcement for a new Just Cause or a new Rage game as well.

Either way, It’s been a while since the last Rage or Just Cause game so it won’t be a surprise if we get an announcement of a new game in any of the series. Also, since Rage 2 was published by Bethesda (which is with Microsoft now), we might see the new game (if in development) coming to gamepass as well.

I know, I know, there are too many “Ifs” and “Buts” in this report so I will leave the rest of the speculation task with you!