How to get Twitch Drops Items for Hogwarts Legacy

If you aren’t aware yet, Twitch Drops is a feature that allows Twitch users to earn in-game rewards by simply watching streams of their favorite games. The feature is available for a limited time for Hogwarts Legacy as well and we are here to tell you can you get those rewards.

Connect Twitch account With WB Games

You should have two accounts as your first step of the procedure. Twitch account is free so you should make one if you don’t have already. You can also make a WB Games account if you didn’t have one before as well. Once you have both the accounts, you need to connect them. You can do it from your WB Games account.

Watch the Eligible Streams

Once your accounts are connected, all you have to do is watch streams of Hogwarts Legacy. The streams must be marked as “Drops Enabled” in order to be eligible to earn rewards.

Check Twitch Inventory and Redeem

So you have watched some streams of Hogwarts Legacy, what is next? After watching a stream, you will receive a notification in your Twitch inventory if you have earned a reward. The notification will also appear in the chat of the stream you were watching.

To redeem your rewards, simply log in to the game and access the in-game store. Your rewards will be available to use in the game once you’ve redeemed them.

Where is Merlin’s Cloack Twitch Drop for Hogwarts Legacy?

Merlin’s Cloack is a special cosmetic items that you won’t be able to get through regular Twitch streams of Hogwarts Legacy. Players only got it by watching Avalanche Software Twitch stream done on February 7. We are not sure if watching the archived version will net you a Merlin’s Cloak or not but it’s worth a shot.

Here are some important things to keep in mind related to Hogwarts Legacy Twitch Drops:

  • You can only receive one reward per stream, regardless of how long you watch.
  • Make sure to check the language of the stream you are watching, as only streams in English are eligible for Twitch Drops.
  • There is no guarantee that you will receive a reward for watching a stream, as the rewards are randomly given out.