Ubisoft Talks About Far Cry 6 Challenges To Build Yara

A brace of new Far Cry 6 trailers were released today by Ubisoft, showing the Far Cry 6 setting of the country of Yara and the characters that the players will meet as they go through the story. David Grivel, lead gameplay designer of Ubisoft Toronto, talked about Far Cry 6 challenges during development.

Previous Far Cry games have been focused on rather small (but still very large) areas that players would be able to run around in, ranging from the Rook Islands of Far Cry 3, the country of Kyrat in Far Cry 4, and Hope County, Montana in Far Cry 5. Yara, however, is the first time an actual country has been fully created.

Far Cry 6 takes place in a fully-fledged and organized country, with cities, airports, ports, boats, roads, and more. While small towns and villages were part of other Far Cry games, Yara’s capital city of Esperanza is the first time a large urban landscape has been used in the games.

This created unique Far Cry 6 challenges to actually make Yara look like a functioning country, rather than sticking ten tents somewhere in the wilderness and calling it a “town.” It also presents unique challenges to the players. Military bases can now be located in Esperanza, causing players to have to think about how they’d like to approach taking them.

Along with all the infrastructure required, Ubisoft Toronto also had to make sure that the game map wasn’t completely empty. Far Cry games often have locations to explore, animals to hunt, and more, and Far Cry 6 is no exception. Another Far Cry 6 challenge, however, was making sure the game felt like you were in a country under military control.

Far Cry 5 had a few instances where the cultists of the Heaven’s Gate cult had some planes and aircraft, but players in Far Cry 6 will also be dealing with flak cannons and checkpoints to make traversing the game more difficult. There’s likely even more that we don’t know about the game as well, but we’ll see everything Yara has to offer when Far Cry 6 releases on October 7, 2021 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5.