V Rising Players Have Already Rented More Than 30k Private Servers

Even though it was an early access launch, V Rising saw an explosive launch with Steam seeing more than 150K concurrent players. Recently, Stunlock Studios has announced that V Rising has sold more than 2M copies since its early access launch.

Now, in an interview with Segmentnext, Stunlock Studios has revealed another interesting stat for the game. So far, more than 30,000 private servers have been rented by V Rising players from different sources. And that too is the stat from their official partner, G-Portal. Players have also hosted servers on their own machines.

Players rent dedicated servers from a wide range of places and even host them themselves! I can say that there are quite a few private servers. It may even surprise you to find that they far outnumber the official ones. On G-Portal alone, we have over 30,000 private servers being hosted for V Rising matched up against only 1,045 Official Stunlock servers.

Interestingly, the private server renting number exceeds far more than the official servers of Stunlock Studios which is just 1045 for the time. This number could increase in future however for now, the difference between official V Rising servers and private servers is staggering.

As you may already know, to play online in V rising, you can either host a private game, join a server or a private game or host a private server yourself. While V Rising was a great success at launch, its numbers have declined since then but the developer is not worried about that. In the same interview, the developer said:

We don’t consider V Rising as a game that needs a large population to continue to be fun, and it really just isn’t a live service game in that sense. Servers are relatively small, and the preferred experience on many of them is just a private PvE run-through. We are a survival game, a very resilient genre, much like the name suggests.

While the developer has big plans for the future of V Rising, there is not release window planned for the game yet. Since the early access launch was huge, the official release of V Rising should be expected accordingly.