Rockstar Games Website Has Gone Dark Sending Fans into Frenzy [Update]

The website is back up and sadly, it was apparently just a website issue and nothing else.

Original Report
Fans have been waiting impatiently to hear something official about Grand Theft Auto 6 from Rockstar Games. While we officially know that the game is in development, we don’t have any idea when the game will be shown or released.

Now, just recently, Official Rockstar Games website seems to have gone dark. This weird behavior of the website has been confirmed by different users on social media platforms.

This has fans believe that Rockstar Games is planning for a big announcement. Interestingly enough, when GTA 5 was about to be show, Rockstar Games also updated its website with an announcement message back in the day. This piece of information has fans drooling for a GTA 6 announcement. Even the source code for the website seems blank:

However, fans should keep their expectations in check as it could very well just be a server error as some users have pointed out.

As for the announcement, apart from GTA 6, there has been multiple other rumors related to Rockstar games including a remaster for Red Dead Redemption. Take-Two has already released GTA Trilogy remaster and a remaster of Red Dead Redemption could very well be a possibility. For now, our fingers are crossed and we are waiting for the website to come back.