Leaker Shares Some Information on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Characters

Fans have been waiting for a while now for the next installment in Xenoblade Chronicles series. Nintendo finally made it official during the first Nintendo direct of 2022. An announcement trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was shared with the fans and we also have a release date for the game which is in September, 2022. Nintendo isn’t know for video game delays so rest assured, this September will be the month we get to play Xenoblade 3.

Since the reveal of the trailer, there have been a lot of speculations on how the Xenoblade franchise will proceed a. Will we see some old characters? While it’s anyone’s guess for the time being, a prominent leaker has shared his insights related to the characters in the game:

According to the twitter thread, while the characters do have resemblances from the past 2 games, there are new characters set in a universe that is in future. Nintendo has already confirmed that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will tie “together the futures of the worlds depicted in Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2”.

Those who have played the first 2 games would know that the worlds of first two games were connected through Klaus. Now, how both of those worlds proceeded in the future remains to be see. I think Xenoblade 3 will feature the references from both the worlds and just like we saw similar cutscene in both Xenoblade 1 and 2, we will be seeing some bits from both worlds in a combined future for both the worlds! As for characters, nothing can be said for sure.