How to Fix Lost Ark Connection Issues

Lost Ark is a Korean MMO that has proven wildly popular in its home Asian markets since it launched in 2019. Now that the game is launching in the West, however, it seems that right now Lost Ark connection issues are keeping many people from even being able to install the game.

The connection issues, while not the only problem, definitely seem to be the most prevalent. The errors are springing from when people attempt to install the game, only for it to take so long that the connection times out, leaving players with nothing to do but start over again.

Considering it’s the first day of early access for a popular (at least in Asia) MMO, it’s unsurprising that many people are trying to download it all at once, hence the issues. Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything that anybody can do to fix the issues other than more server space. So, it may be a matter of waiting the Lost Ark connection issues out.

The game’s official Twitter account has at least acknowledged the “Connection Timed Out” error, and has said that Steam is looking into the problem, but there’s no indication on when, exactly, the game will be fixed. Considering the early access period only lasts until the game’s official Western release, this Friday, Steam and developer Smilegate had best work fast.

At least some players have apparently figured out some kind of solution for the error, mainly restarting Steam before attempting the installation again, but there have also been reports of extremely long queue times to be aware of aside from the Lost Ark connection issues.

With luck, Smilegate and Steam will be able to figure out a solution to these issues. Otherwise, if you’re one of those people attempting to get into Lost Ark, you might have to wait a few days before the servers calm down. The game is available exclusively on PC.