Ubisoft Montreal Character Artist Profile Mentions 2 Unannounced Games

The LinkedIn page of a former Ubisoft Montreal character artist named Raphael Boyon has two unannounced Ubisoft games list which are apparently currently in the works, though aside from broad descriptions we don’t really know all that much about them beyond what genres they’ll be when they actually are announced.

Going by Boyon’s LinkedIn page, the two unannounced games are one Action RPG game, and one Open World game. Both have been in the works for some time, the action RPG being in the works for at least two and a half years while the open world game has been in the works for at least seven months, though it’s unknown when exactly Ubisoft will deign to announce either.

Considering Ubisoft has mainly been releasing open-world games for the past several years, exactly what this new open-world game could be could be anyone’s guess. It could be a new Assassin’s Creed game already in the works, or something entirely new. And that’s not even getting into the action RPG game.

Out of both of these unannounced Ubisoft games, Assassin’s Creed could fit either one, considering the pivot the franchise has done since Assassin’s Creed Origins took the series’ style into a more RPG-like setup. However, these upcoming games might not include a new Assassin’s Creed title among their number, especially since the Action RPG has been in development for nearly three years. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the latest title in the series, came out in 2020.

With Ubisoft falling back on old standby franchises the past several years, exactly what these two new unannounced Ubisoft games will be remains to be seen, but we might be learning more about them sometime this year, whether at E3 or some other event that Ubisoft is a part of.

Until we know more, however, all we can do is speculate on exactly what Ubisoft will be announcing when they feel like those games are ready to be announced.