An Unannounced Warner Bros Open World Game In The Works

Apparently, even as they’re finishing up work on the Batman game Gotham Knights, Warner Bros’ game development branch is currently working on another game, too. An unannounced Warner Bros game has been revealed to exist by former employee Ketan Lad’s LinkedIn, though other than it being open-world, we know nothing about it.

Warner Bros is no stranger to open-world games by this point. The Batman Arkham games were all open-world in their own way, providing players with a big area to explore in order to track down collectibles and various other challenges. However, whether this is Batman or some entirely new property remains to be seen.

Warner Bros’ video gaming divisions have, for the past several years, been mainly superhero-focused with such games as the Batman: Arkham titles, though its Lord of the Rings games, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and its sequel, Shadow of War, have also been released. Those two games were also open-world.

This new unannounced Warner Bros game may be more DC superhero content, or perhaps it will be something original, though that last part is unlikely due to all of Warner Bros’ past games being based on one of the parent company’s many different entertainment properties.

While there are many open-world games that could be done with such properties, we have yet to see any real games past the Arkham trilogy that could count as open-world, though Gotham Knights at least seems to be a similar genre. That game, however, has been announced for roughly a year, and is supposed to come out sometime in 2022.

Because of that, whatever this new unannounced Warner Bros game turns out to be has a lot of different properties it could be from, especially since the game has, according to the LinkedIn page, has been in the works since roughly 2015. If it’s still being worked on, hopefully all of the time will be worth it.