How To Fix Error Code Weasel In Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Witch Queen, dropped today, and as with every big expansion drop, players are encountering a lot of errors. Most prominently, Error Code Weasel has been popping up and keeping Guardians from playing. But, if you’ve been encountering this issue, we have a way to fix it.

Error Code Weasel comes from a split-off error where the game believes that you are attempting to log into the game from multiple sources while having Cross-Save active, such as if you’re playing on PC while also playing on your Playstation 4 or other console. You might not be, but there’s still ways to fix it, regardless.

To try and fix the Weasel code, there are a number of ways. First, try switching from a wifi connection to a wired connection. Whether or not this is the problem can be solved that way by finding out if the Wifi signal is the issue. You can also try power-cycling your console, shutting it off by holding the button down then turning it on again.

The spate of Error Code Weasels around the playerbase are likely because of so many players attempting to log into the game at once and play it, so the code can also likely be bypassed just by waiting a few days and letting people trickle off until you can get in at a less-busy time.

Another, more drastic step might be to unlink your Destiny account from Bungie’s website, but hopefully Error Code Weasel isn’t widespread enough to have to go that far, especially since it’s likely the issue is on Bungie’s end, rather than your own. Many online multiplayer games often have issues when a big event is going on or a new expansion drops.

So, even if you have a weasel preventing you from playing the game for now, if you can force yourself to wait for a few days for the typical post-expansion rush, you’ll be able to play in due time.