How Long Does It Take to Beat Biomutant?

Developer studio Experiment 101, best known for their Just Cause game franchise, have just released their latest game, titled Biomutant, where they dip their toes into the world of RPG.

As with all RPGs, the choices you make in Biomutant dictate how long it takes for the story to play out. And it also has the trademark of any RPG game; sidequests.

If you’re thinking about playing Biomutant and are wondering how long it’ll take you to complete this game, according to the director of the game, Stefan Ljungqvist, the game’s full length is estimated to be around 65 hours.

However, since Biomutant is an RPG game, the length of the game entirely depends upon how you play it. This 65 hours estimation is for those people who are looking to complete the game in its entirety, meaning they’ll play through all the sidequests and explore all the different biomes of the game’s world etc.

Ljungqvist then estimated the length of the main story of the game itself to be around 12 to 15 hours. This estimation does not account for dialogue scenes or sidequests.

This estimation is a bit off though as you won’t just be breezing through the quests on your first playthrough.

For the casual player, it’ll take you around 20-25 hours to complete Biomutant if you’re completing the whole story and doing some of the sidequests and also some exploration along the way.

That said, that’s just a general estimate. This number could be way higher or lower for you, depending on how you play through the game yourself.

A good thing about Biomutant is that it has a lot of content for replays. For a lot of quests in the game, you’ll have to play through the game twice to be able to play through all the content within them.

Furthermore, it also has multiple endings depending on how you progressed through the story and there are dozens of sidequests to complete and collectibles to find.

A really cool feature Biomutant has is its “New Game+” gamemode. When you start your second playthrough of the game, you can enter the New Game+ mode to make your life a whole lot easier.

When you start the New Game+ gamemode in Biomutant, this will happen:

  • The first portion of the story will be skipped and you’ll start at the Tree of Life.
  • You’ll be able to replay all of the quests and events.
  • You’ll retain all of the gear you had in your prior playthrough.
  • You’ll retain your character progression.
  • You’ll be allied with one of the tribes.

This will save you a lot of time in your subsequent playthroughs of Biomutant, but that doesn’t meant that there won’t be much content left for you to enjoy. You’ll still have quite a bit of content to play through.