Bohemia Interactive Ready to Announce Arma 4?

If you are fan of realistic shooting games, there is a high chance that you must have heard about the popular series. The game franchise is know for it’s highly realistic game play and the franchise has evolved to have a considerable, dedicated community.

While ARMA 3 was the last main game in the series, Fans have been waiting for ARMA 4 for a while now from Bohemia Interactive. Well, a twitter post has sparked speculations that the ARMA developer might announce ARMA 4 on May 17:

Fans are speculating that this tweeted event will announce ARMA 4 officially. While this could only be a speculation, we have another hint that could cement the announcement of ARMA 4 on May 17.

On the careers page of Bohemia Interactive, there are multiple job listings that mention an “unannounced project”. This unannounced project could very well be a new IP however, now that we have seen that tweet from official ARMA account, it could very well be ARMA 4.

Another noticeable change that has happened with the franchise recently is that all the official social channels of the game have been renamed to “ARMAPlatform”. This change also has the users excited. If I am to guess, they are bringing a single platform for the whole universe where they can push the content for a long time and it will also encourage user-generated content. It is just a hunch though as the anticipated ARMA announcement could entirely be something else.

However, the hopes are high this time for an ARMA 4 announcement but until something is confirmed officially, we can’t be so sure. It would be great, even if the unannounced project turns out to be something else.