Top Spin 5 Could be in Development At Hangar 13 Czech

When there is nothing much going on around, Video Game rumors about our favorite games keep us going. This usually happens in summer when there aren’t many games for release. One such rumor is about the popular Top Spin franchise. It has been told (by Shepshal_Nick XboxEra podcast) that a Top Spin 5 game could be in the works by Hanger 13. This is what he said:

I don’t want to get anyone too excited about this, because remember a lot of this stuff is never hundred percent. It’s all rumors and mumblings and stuff that we hear. I’m hearing that we may be seeing a new Top Spin game. I think this would be Top Spin 5.

So, yes, at the moment the rumor is that Hangar 13’s Czech team I think might be working on a Top Spin tennis game which we would most likely hear about next year.

Since Nick himself has said that it could very just be mumblings and nothing more, so we should keep our hopes in check. Checking the job listings page for Hangar 13, we just see nothing more than a “new project” mention there. Now we know that Hangar 13 has been in reports recently for the change in leadership and their Mafia 4 leaks.

Whether the mention of the new project in their job posts is Mafia 4 or Top Spin remains to be seen. In any case, Top Spin 4 is probably the best Tennis game out there and the franchise deserves a modern Tennis game.