Does MLB The Show 21 Has Ultimate Team Game Mode?

If you’re a fan of Electronic Arts’ FIFA games and are trying out Sony Interactive Entertainment’s MLB The Show 21, you’re probably wondering whether this game has any sort of game mode that’s similar to the Ultimate Team game mode in FIFA; since MLB The Show 21 shares some other similarities with FIFA.

The good news for you is that MLB The Show 21 does in fact have its own Ultimate Team game mode and it’s known as ‘Diamond Dynasty’.

Diamond Dynasty is basically the flagship game mode of the game. It resembles Ultimate Team in a few ways, but there are also some major differences between these two game modes.
The great thing about Diamond Dynasty is that it offers several game modes for both online and offline play.

Diamond Dynasty has the following online game modes:

  • Battle Royale
  • Casual
  • Events
  • Ranked Seasons

For the offline gamemodes, it offers

  • Conquest
  • Extra Innings
  • Moments
  • Player vs CPU
  • Showdown

Both offline and online game modes of Diamond Dynasty have to be played to progress properly in the game.

This serves as the first major difference between the two game modes. In Ultimate Team, you didn’t have to play any offline game modes to be able to progress; whereas in MLB The Show 21, the offline game modes like Moments and Conquests are crucial to earning Stubs and packs which will allow you to create a better team.

The online events in MLB The Show are another key difference to Ultimate Team. MLB The Show 21 holds events where Gold teams go against Gold teams, Silvers go against Silvers etc.
In these events, you get rewarded with packs and other rewards every time you reach a certain amount of wins.

Game modes like these are a great way for MLB The Show 21 players to earn high-rated players in the game without the help of micro-transactions. Even if people don’t like the rewards they get from the pack, they can sell it on the Community Market to earn themselves Stubs, which they can then use to buy the player they actually want.

Diamond Dynasty also has a thing called ‘Team Collections’. If you collect all the necessary cards for a particular team, you’ll be rewarded with a high-rated player; which could even be an icon.
For example, if you collect all the West Ham players, you’ll be rewarded with a 89-rated Bobby Moore.

This is another reason why players playing through Diamond Dynasty have to rely less on micro-transactions than in Ultimate Team.

Another great feature about Diamond Dynasty is the ‘Programs’ in the game. Programs work as a progression tracker. They basically reward you for playing the game and progressing through it.
In these Programs, you’ll get rewards based on how much XP you’ve earned during that season. The more matches you play and the more objectives you complete; the more XP you will earn.

To put it simply, the biggest difference between Diamond Dynasty and Ultimate Team is that every single card in MLB The Show 21 is obtainable in some way when you’re playing Diamond Dynasty.

Of course, it’ll take loads and loads of grinding, but at least you know that your grinding will be worth it.

The same cannot be said about FIFA Ultimate Team. You can grind all you want and unlock all the packs in the world, but there is no guarantee that you’ll be getting that Ronaldo or Mbappe.

And if you are looking to earn stubs fast and easy in Diamond Dynasty or otherwise, we have got you covered in that regard too in our guide.