Developers Comment on PS5 VR Controller and Headset

When PlayStation 5 was announced, there was no mention of a new PlayStation VR headset. It seemed like Sony Interactive Entertainment had enough of the Virtual Reality hype and they just want to focus on traditional games.

However, with the announcement of next-generation PS5 VR, all the negative speculations have been laid to rest. The highlight of the next-generation VR system, ofcourse is the new VR controller with features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Although Sony has announced a new VR system for PS5, the new headset isn’t expected to release atleast until 2022. However, developers have already started working on new experiences for PSVR 2. The name of the new VR is also not final yet.

Naturally, developers are already excited for the new piece of hardware and the new avenues it will provide them to explore.

Charlie Amis, project director on “I Expect You to Die 2” for instance, have been desiring for haptics in VR for a while now:

The more precise you can let a player be in VR world, the higher the sense of immersion.

He further went on to say that he wants to see Dualshock 2 “level of innovation” in VR controllers.

About the PSVR 2 headset itself, co-founder of Ramen VR, Andy Tsen said that he expects the new headset to be more “lighter” and have the modern technologies like haptics and “spatialized audio”.

For presence you need spatialised audio and really good haptic feedback, and that’s where the adaptive trigger and haptic feedback technology of the Dualsense controllers come in.

Creative Director of VR shooter “Fracked” feels the same way about the VR experience. According to him:

Imagine slipping down a chain in VR and feeling every link in your hands. Games have always been able to transport you somewhere else, bu in BR you feel that sensation all over.

With the new PSVR 2, all these dreams could come true and we can expect to feel better VR experiences on PS5. While the details about the new PlayStation hardware are slime, we expect to know more about it in the coming months from Sony.

Source: OPM Issue May, 2021