Valorant Pros Sinatraa and Nitr0 Have Their Salaries Leaked

Despite Valorant being a relatively new title in Esports, its popularity has risen manifolds since its release. Many Esports players jumping ships to join Valorant is one evidence of its popularity.

Recently, Tyson’s Girlfriend (also known asTenZ), Kyedae Shymko leaked the salaries of two most popular Valorant players. According to her, Sentinels’ “Jay Sinatraa Won” and 100 Thieves’ Nicholas “Nitr0” both make $25000 a month.

This leak implies that Sinatraa and Nitr0 are among the highest paid professionals in Valorant. It seems like she thought that salaries of the players are already known by the public and was completely unaware of the situation as at the end of stream she said, “Am I not allowed to say that?”.

Fans are of the view that both the players are paid high salaries because of the skill they have and especially taking into account their background of some impressive careers in Overwatch and CSGO respectively. Sinatraa, being in most successful team of Overwatch League the San Francisco Shock, was always a popular player and the popularity of Sinatraa was at peak when he had won the title of MVP in 2019.

Nitr0 before joining Valorant, played for Team Liquid and we all know how Nitr0 helped the team to become one of the finest teams in CSGO in the year 2019.

As for Sinatraa, as you may know already, he is now suspended because he was accused by his ex-girlfriend for sexual abuse. So now it might be possible that Sinatraa is not earning $25000 per month but his normal salary was surely $25000. Many wonder that whether this leak gives the accurate amount or not. But according to Esports Observer, the salary of the players range from $15000 to $25000 with some players earning more.

If we compare the salaries of Sinatraa and Nitr0 with other North American Esports players, you won’t see any major gaps. Fans also say that the salaries might be high because Valorant is becoming the most highlighted Esports game. The League of Legends players like Lee Sang-Heyok also known as “Faker” earning $2.5 million in three years while playing for SKT1 means it is rather suitable.

These salaries ofcourse can’t directly compete with League of Legends or DOTA 2 however, being a relatively new game and the amount of fanbase it has generated, Valorant’s future in Esports seems bright.