Dualsense Edge Players Have 30 Hours More Game Time on Average Per Month

During CEDEC 2023, Kensei Akiyama, Sony Interactive Entertainment Tokyo Global Developer Technology Department General Manager, shared some insightful stats related to PSVR 2, Dualsense Edge, and Accessibility features. According to the slides shared during the presentation, Dualsense Edge owners, on average, play games 30 hours more than regular Dualsense owners on PlayStation 5. The data … Read more

Forspoken Had Around $100 Million Budget


Forspoken, the much-marketed first game from Hajime Tabata’s Luminous Productions, hasn’t lived up to expectations. After years worth of marketing, the game was critically thrashed and now appears to be bombing, if Twitter user @bogarad222 is correct. A recent shareholder meeting apparently had Square Enix admit sales of the game have been “lackluster” so far. … Read more

Sony Hints At New PS5 Hardware for 2023

new ps5 hardware

Playstation has hinted at a possible hardware reveal or an addition to the PS5 in 2023. In an interview with Famitsu, Senior Vice President, Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino suggested that 2023 might be an “important time for the platform” and that “you will look forward to next year (2023) as well”. He was speaking about … Read more

Will Street Fighter 6 Release on Xbox?

A recent countdown towards the next major Capcom game has revealed that Street Fighter 6 is coming soon. However, the reveal has only released a large number of other questions. One of the most notable ones is whether or not we’ll see Street Fighter 6 release on Xbox consoles, when it releases. Throughout its history, … Read more

How To Fix Error Code Weasel In Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Witch Queen, dropped today, and as with every big expansion drop, players are encountering a lot of errors. Most prominently, Error Code Weasel has been popping up and keeping Guardians from playing. But, if you’ve been encountering this issue, we have a way to fix it. Error Code Weasel comes … Read more