FIFA 22 Could Feature “Online Career Mode” This Year

Following the holy tradition, fans are expected to receive their yearly installment of FIFA game series in the form of FIFA 22 this year as well. We all know that every year, new FIFA game is revealed around June and we eventually get to play it in September.

While the yearly sport franchise has received a lot of criticism over the past years for being a repetitive, cash milking product, the franchise doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon. Every year, EA tries to introduce something new to the FIFA franchise. Sometimes, it works and sometimes, it doesn’t. This year, fans are wondering that what new EA could bring for FIFA 22?

Well, if a job listing is any indication, FIFA 22 could be getting an “online career mode” this year. Career mode is one of the most popular game mode in FIFA series which EA has been struggling to maintain especially in the last few iterations.

Interestingly, while the screenshot does say “online career mode”, but if we visit the job listing link now, the mention of an online career mode can’t be found. Was it that EA quickly modified the job listing after it being discovered?

Also, since FIFA 22 will release in a few months time, hiring people now for such an important feature seems like a good idea? It could also mean that we may not get the online elements in FIFA 22 this year and the listing is for next year?

This could also mean that FIFA 22 might get a delayed release this year which is actually the least of the all possibilities here. In any case, the Career Mode in FIFA needs a major overhaul and online elements could just be the thing.

However, an online career mode might not go well with the fans as this mode is cherished by the fans just because it’s one of the few that they can enjoy offline. We expect to see FIFA 22 in action around E3 2021. However, we would most definitely know about the details about the new FIFA game at EA Play which is schedule for July 22, 2021.