How Skirmishes and Scaling Work in Fire Emblem Engage

Having tons of story maps in Fire emblem engage, players have a lot of challenges to overcome, which means player’s army might be facing a challenge to overcome most of the time. Having an optional map like skirmishes might be a goof approach to increase your chances of winning as it will increase the strength of a player’s units.

Fire emblem engage will allow players to be a part of skirmishes after a certain point is reached in the story, which include returning to old maps and take on a random assortment f enemy soldiers, earning some EXP and gain some get money and items. Training maps can be used in this regard. Training maps allows to engage in a violent sparring match with one of soldiers of the last visited castle.

How Skirmishes Work

After the 6th chapter, skirmishes will begin to appear and will be respawning at random locations of previously visited castles/areas of the world map. Returning to these locations( the fast travel menu will label them so they are easier to locate) allows player to fight the goons, bandits who have taken over. Although enemies are stationed randomly and effects like fog of war might apply which were not present in the story, such battles are no different than other battles in the game and can be approached the same way.

Here the important thing to know is the donation level of the region, which imposes an important effect on the skirmishes themselves. Increasing the donation level will result in the increased strength and number of enemies to appear with higher amount of gold and silver spawning.

Gold and Silver corrupted skirmishes are going to be marked on the fast travel menu with a different, a spikier version of skirmishes icon. Gold corrupted skirmishes will drop ton of money when they are killed, making Alear’s wallet more handsome. Whereas silver corrupted skirmishes will give extra EXP when killed.

Note: This information is bases on the experiences on the gamers around the globe and might be a little deviated from the original one as there is no info. Provided by the developers themselves. As for level scaling, the best explanation we could found is here.

How to Farm Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage

Farming skirmishes is not that hard of a job to do. All you need to do is follow the following steps:

  • Go to Settings menu on your Nintendo Switch
  • The go to System Option
  • Select the “date and time” option
  • Switch off “the internet-adjusted clock”, if it’s turned ON
  • Adjust your time ahead by minimum of 1 hour

You can go back to the game and you will see skirmishes scattered everywhere. You will see different types of skirmishes everywhere which are:

  • Standard skirmishes: yield nothing
  • Gold corrupted skirmishes: yield money
  • Silver corrupted skirmishes: yield EXT
  • Training skirmishes: for training purpose, won’t give anything after getting killed.