How to Easily Get Wishbone Trophy/Achievement in Dead Space Remake

Wishbone might not be the toughest battle in dead space but it surely is a tough one. Like many other games, Dead Space also includes tons of trophies and achievements you would go for. But as usual not all trophies are so easy to conquer. Wishbone is just like them. Players around the world seem to be struggling with it. It’s unlike those challenges that require to complete the chapter and laugh in rewards.

Here we have explained the easiest method to successfully unlock the trophy.

How to unlock the trophy

“Rip off a dangling ling using kinesis” – says the requirement. This trophy/achievement is not limited by your platform, it’s available on all platforms and can be a tricky one. On paper, it sounds simple but it’s not. The straight method can be quite tricky for its requirements. We will discuss both the methods.

Method 1

It’s the straight method. You will need to find a pulse rifle with Kinesis and will also need a Plasma Cutter. Now, you will need to find a Necromorph in Dead Space, pereferably near a save point so that you can load the game again if things go wrong.

First, you need to slow down the creature using Kinesis. Use the Pulse Rifle at its limbs so that it starts to dangle. Then immediately, you need to shoot the pulse rifle on its limb to cut it off to get the achievement. Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s quite trick to execute it. So if you find it tricky as well, we have another method that is relatively simple.

Method 2

In Chapter 2, Intensive Care, you can find some armor suits hanging at a certain area (thanks, HarryNinetyFour). You can shoot the limbs of these suits to get the achievement as well. Easy, right? No moving target and no tension of dying.

It has also been reported that if you have gone past Chapter 2, this achievement/trophy can be unlocked at any point where there are hanging armors like this. If you can’t find any, you can always use the New Game Plus to attempt it.

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