Granblue Fantasy Relink Fortitude Crystal Farming Guide

Players can do a lot of activities at different difficulty levels and gather resources and materials to upgrade their weapons, sigils and gear in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. Fortitude Crystal is an epic material required to upgrade and forge weapons along with uncapping in the game. However, farming this rare material quickly can be an issue if you aren’t doing the right activities in the game in the end-game.

These crystals come in different sizes, and you will need them depending on the level of the weapon you want to uncap or upgrade. While you will get some of these while playing the campaign and side quests at normal difficulties, in the end-game, Fortitude Crystals (L) will become more valuable and you will need to follow certain farming strategies to acquire these crystals quickly.

In this guide, we will discuss the best activities/methods you can use to farm Fortitude Crystals in Granblue Fantasy: Relink during end-game.

Fortitude Crystal Farming Methods

You won’t be farming Fortitude Crystals early in the game. These farming methods are required and aimed for the end game. Once you have completed the main 12 chapters, you will have the option to complete more difficult quests and improve your Skyfarer Rank (Novice, Veteran, Zegagrande Legend). Zegagrande ofcourse is the hardest difficult in the game and has mania and proud quests.

Among all those side quests that grant you Fortitude Crystals at Extreme, Maniac and Proud levels, there are two you should consider as they can provide you highest number of Fortitude Crystals in minimum time:

    • Great Goblins of Fire (Extreme Difficulty)
    • Reven of the Horde (Maniac Difficulty)


Both of these quests can grant you around 30 Fortitude (large and small) Crystals for each run, and you can complete these in around 2 minutes. If you can’t complete these around the 2-minute mark, then you need to upgrade your gear and signatures and try using a different character.

Generally, most of the “Conquest and Horde quests” will give you Fortitude Crystals. It’s just how quickly you can complete them. According to our tests, Great Goblins of Fire and Reven of the Horde are two of the best options; however, if you find some other Conquest and Horde Quest that can give you better results, you can also try that.

We recommend that you do this grind with other players as it can make the task a bit easier as compared to AI/CPU party members. This is not mandatory, though, as some players prefer to do it offline or solo. For solo however, your build and character should be strong enough otherwise, the grind can be tedious as it will be the hardest activities in the game.

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