Ghostwire Tokyo Spirits Range From Malevolent To Adorable

Tango Gameworks’ upcoming title Ghostwire: Tokyo will probably give players a good in-depth look at a lot of Japanese mythology. Even if there are no humans but you to interact with as you run around an abandoned Tokyo, the Ghostwire Tokyo spirits you can encounter will range from the adorable to the downright murderous.

In Ghostwire Tokyo, players are one of the few normal humans left after a mysterious fog causes Tokyo’s entire population to disappear, resulting in various yokai spirits coming out of the woodwork. These can result in players encountering benevolent spirits like the nekomata (those good luck cats you see statues of with the one raised paw) who manage the stores now, and the tanuki, shapeshifting raccoon-dogs that will help you find items.

However, there are just as many horrifying and violent yokai stalking the streets, such as faceless businessmen holding umbrellas, headless Japanese schoolgirls, or spirits like the kuchisake-onna, who World of Horror veterans might remember as the Scissor Lady.

While we don’t know yet what other sorts of Ghostwire Tokyo spirits might be visible in the game, there are a vast number of them all across Japanese history that could make appearances in the game either as normal enemies or boss fights, or even just incidentally visible over the course of the game.

Ghostwire Tokyo is a big departure from Tango Gameworks’ other games, the brutally gory Evil Within series, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be free of horror, either. After all, you’re a ghost hunter, and Japanese mythology has plenty of creepy monsters that will likely be more than capable of scaring your pants off.

We’ll be able to see what sorts of Ghostwire Tokyo spirits are in the game when it releases exclusively for the Playstation 5 and PC on March 22.