Will We See Half-Life: Alyx On Playstation VR 2?

A new rumor has started floating around the video game news scene about the possibility of Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx game ending up on the second iteration of the Playstation VR. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the rumor itself is quite unlikely for a number of reasons, but we should never say never.

Half-Life: Alyx originally came out in March of 2020 for PC platforms exclusively, along with the virtual reality headsets that supported it. Since then, the game has gotten no ports to console VR headsets, though apparently some people think that doesn’t mean anything.

As for whether the game would come to the Playstation VR 2, however, that is also looking very unlikely. So far only a few games have been shown to be compatible with the headset, and none of them are Alyx, instead being games like Resident Evil 4 VR, Horizon: Call of the Wild, and others.

Supposedly, Sony and Valve have been in talks to bring Half-Life: Alyx to the Playstation for a while now, but if such a thing were actually happening, one would they that either Valve or Sony would announce it, unless they’re being deliberately cagey about it until Sony is almost ready to release and can announce a list of games that will be launching with it.

Getting Half-Life: Alyx on Playstation VR 2 would be a big win for Sony, but right now the information doesn’t seem to add up. The Playstation VR 2 so far hasn’t been announced to have any backwards compatibility, so if Alyx does come to the headset it would have to be changed in some way to be compatible with the device.

So, with that in mind, the evidence doesn’t support Half-Life: Alyx coming to the Playstation VR 2, despite rumors. Sony may actually announce the opposite at some point in the future, but until we actually get some kind of confirmation it’s unlikely that Playstation gamers will be able to play Alyx without a PC.