Next-Gen AMD SoCs for Xbox and PlayStation are In Development


Despite the rapid rise of cloud technology and different subscription services, it is pretty much clear that we will eventually see atleast one more generation of console hardware for Xbox and PlayStation. Both the gaming giants, Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment must be eager to continue the hardware trend for as long as possible. Since … Read more

Will We See Half-Life: Alyx On Playstation VR 2?

A new rumor has started floating around the video game news scene about the possibility of Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx game ending up on the second iteration of the Playstation VR. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the rumor itself is quite unlikely for a number of reasons, but we should never say never. Half-Life: Alyx … Read more

Sony Has a Patent for PS5 Covers and Skins

ps5 vrr

Various incidents have been making the news recently about Sony leaning on creators and manufacturers that are creating PS5 covers and skins without their permission. Now, a patent for those sorts of covers and skins has been listed for Sony, hinting at their future plans for decorating Playstation 5 consoles. Console customization is a big … Read more

New Rumor Claims PSVR 2 Backwards Compatibility with PSVR

next-gen psvr controller

While Sony hasn’t actually come out and said anything yet, rumors are starting to circulate on that the upcoming new version of Playstation VR will be backwards compatible with the original Playstation VR. But if PSVR 2 backwards compatibility is indeed a thing, the rumors are conflicting. In recent history, Sony hasn’t gone quite as … Read more

New Sony Patent Would Allow Spectators To Bench Players

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If you’ve ever been watching a stream of a game and thinking one team’s player was doing too good or too bad to keep things interesting, a new Sony patent would apparently create a system allowing spectators to vote to bench players, and it would happen upon reaching a certain threshold. According to the patent: … Read more

Sony Is Already Developing New Technology For Future Playstation 6 and Beyond


Even though the Playstation 5 isn’t even a year old yet, that hasn’t stopped Sony from making sure that they can continue to make the consoles for a long time to come. Various job listings on the website, along with other sources, show that Sony is developing technology for future Playstation consoles including PlayStation 6 … Read more

More Playstation Ports Coming To PC Soon, Says Leak

days gone pc steam controller

A leak from the GeForce Now database is claiming that more Playstation ports of games for that console will be coming to the PC soon. While none of these are confirmed, it’s still pretty big news considering other games that Sony has allowed to make their way onto the PC. Along with games like Horizon … Read more

New Sony Patent Suggests More Informative Game Pages for PS Store

A new Sony patent has just been publicly revealed, and it might just revolutionize buying games on the Playstation Store. The Sony game information patent would allow the game to give players a customized, context-sensitive page worth of information on the game that’s also dependent on the game’s lifecycle status, according to the abstract. “The … Read more