New Rumor Claims PSVR 2 Backwards Compatibility with PSVR

While Sony hasn’t actually come out and said anything yet, rumors are starting to circulate on that the upcoming new version of Playstation VR will be backwards compatible with the original Playstation VR. But if PSVR 2 backwards compatibility is indeed a thing, the rumors are conflicting.

In recent history, Sony hasn’t gone quite as all-in on backwards compatibility as Microsoft has. While Playstation Now is a subscription service that gives players access to a large number of Playstation games from previous console generations, they have also been limited on what games they’ve allowed to be playable from Playstation 4 to Playstation 5.

While PSVR hasn’t done that many full-on VR games, there are still a pretty good number of popular games on it. However, Sony has also said in the past that they want to focus less on VR “experiences” and more on full on Triple-A VR games, so if most original PSVR games aren’t that, PSVR 2 backwards compatibility may end up not happening after all.

Reports, however, are conflicting. Various news articles for both sides of the argument have been flung around the past several months, with a number of different reasons as to why. For instance, making Playstation VR games backwards compatible for PSVR 2 could help pad out the game’s library, especially the ones that are less tech demo-style.

The PSVR 2 likely has the capability to work with actual Triple-A games, considering it has a wider field-of-view, better eye tracking, and 4K resolution, but we’ll likely have to wait for more information from Sony before we can have anything concrete on PSVR 2 backwards compatibility.