How to Fix Apex Legends Voice Chat Not Working Error

A lot of players have been complaining that voice chat in Apex Legends in some cases is not working. Now this is a big issue especially when you are in battle and loose contact with your teammates.

If you are looking to find a fix for the voice chat issue in Apex Legends, you have come to the right place. Following are some ways in which you can try to resolve this notorious problem:

Make Sure Origin Has Access to Microphone

One thing you need to check is whether Origin is granted access to microphone or not. If not then click windows button and search microphone and click on the option of microphone privacy settings. Allow the apps to access your microphone. Once the access is granted, restart Origin and test your microphone again.

Update Audio Drivers

Older versions of audio drivers may also cause this problem so it’s recommended that you update them. You can find the option of updating your sound card drivers on the official website of the manufacturer.

Another way to update the drivers is to go to windows taskbar, and in search box, type device manager. Multiple options of drivers will be shown, select audio driver and select search automatically for updated driver software, then select update driver. If Windows does not recognize the new driver then go to device manufacturer’s website and act according to guidelines.

Microphone Should Be Set As Default In Windows

This fix sometimes is overlooked easily as usually, the Windows set the microphone as default so the user don’t need to do it manually. However, if you are facing Voice Chat issues in Apex Legends, you may have to check this setting manually.

Press Windows button along with R key to open Run command. Enter ms-settings:. Now on the keyboard, press enter button and you will enter control panel. Now go to sound and click on input and check whether the microphone you are using is selected or not. If not then select it from the available input devices. You can also check whether it works by speaking in the microphone and if it is working properly an option ‘test your microphone’ would appear.

Configure Mic Via Origin and Apex Legends

Click Origin and then “Application Settings”. Now click more and then voice. After this check that your microphone is selected and that volume is set to audio volume. Now click on activation mode and select push to talk.

Now Launch Apex Legends and in the settings tab select audio. Here, set voice chat record mode to push to talk.

Install Latest Game Patch

Needless to say that your game should be update to date. If your game files need repairing, you should do so via Origin. In the end, if nothing else works, the last thing you can try is either check your Mic for other games or do a fresh install of Apex Legends.