How to Fix Crashes in F1 2021

If you’re one of the many people that bought Codemasters’ F1 2021 game today, you might have discovered a very pressing issue in the form of at least one kind of crash. While this would most likely keep you from playing the game, we do have a few possible fixes for crashes in F1 2021.

Check Your Specs

For instance, there’s a particular issue where the game can crash at startup. ┬áTo fix this, first off you should probably try and see if your PC, if you’re playing it on that, can even run the game. Take a look at the system requirements and see if your computer’s able to run it first.

Check Your Graphics

Other possible solutions to this would be to upgrade the version of Windows 10 that you have, or getting the special driver specifically intended for F1 2021. You might also need DirectX 12. Three other possibilities to try fixing it include starting the game directly through its .exe file, turning off anti-virus software that might be interfering, and installing the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Installation Errors

Another way to try and fix any crashes in F1 2021 is to do the old standby, verifying the integrity of the game’s cache through the Steam options menu. If anything is missing, Steam will re-download those files and hopefully make the game work.

Peripherals Issues

Other possible solutions included disabling the Steam Overlay (which has been known to crash games either mid-play or on startup) or messing with the Nvidia control panel settings on your GPU. Of course, there is another option, though it’s the worst of the bunch.

Or Just Wait It Out

You can, always, wait for Codemasters themselves to release a patch to fix the crashes on F1 2021. It’s not the optimum solution, but if you’re looking for any kind of solution, and all the ones that we’ve recommended so far have failed, that’s likely your best option. Hopefully since this appears to be the most evident bug on release day, Codemasters will soon have a patch for it up.