New Bungie IP is a F2P MMO With Mobile Support??

A new Bungie IP is apparently in development, and will have MMO, free-to-play, and mobile mechanics involved in it somehow. The information comes from a job listing on Bungie’s website, specifically a listing for a Senior Marketing Manager. Also appreciated to have is a knowledge of PC and console gaming space.

Exactly what Bungie’s new IP actually is remains to be seen, however. The company’s current flagship title, Destiny, is still going strong, and Bungie likely won’t be developing a Destiny 3 as they would have done under Activision, considering the story arc is now leading to what appears to be some kind of finale.

If the listing and its relevant information are true, however, we may at least know what sort of thing they’ll be going into. If it is a new IP that turns out to be an MMO, or even a shared-world shooter like Destiny that’s primarily instanced but multiplayer in other areas, hopefully it will have a smoother launch now that Bungie’s using lessons learned from Destiny.

Of course, with the new Bungie IP having the keywords MMO, free-to-play, and mobile, those also don’t often have good results when put together. But at the same time, they also paint a confusing picture of exactly what kind of game they’re going to be doing.

It could be another shared-world shooter like Destiny, but it could also be a more conventional fantasy multiplayer game. Despite Bungie’s fame as a shooter developer, previous games of theirs were fantasy-focused, such as their real-time tactics game Myth from 1997.

Whatever the new Bungie IP is, however, hopefully it can reach the same heights of success that Halo and Destiny have for Bungie. With the lessons learned from both games, Bungie might be able to avoid falling into the same issues that Destiny suffered. Either way, if you’re interested in applying for their job, you can find the listing by following this link.