Rumor: We Could See InFamous Return at PlayStation Showcase on Thursday

It seems like Sony has also updated the domain for infamous just ahead of PlayStation Showcase. While the adds weight to a potential PlayStation Showcase reveal, the update could just be a coincidence as companies maintain and update names on regular basis of their IPs

Original Report
With the release of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, we don’t know for sure what the new project of Sucker Punch is going to be. There are no official announcements yet but if a couple of job listings are to be believed, they could very well be working on a new IP with melee combat and multiplayer.

Now, with PlayStation Showcase just around the corner, various rumors have started circulating and one of these rumors is about Infamous making a return for PlayStation Showcase. The rumor comes from Nick of XboxEra as he shared this on twitter:

Like many other unconfirmed rumors, this one also goes with a grain of Salt. The Last game in inFamous series was back in 2014 and since then, despite its high demand, Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn’t felt to revive the franchise. If the PlayStation Showcase does feature an inFamous related announcement, it will definitely be a welcome one. If a remaster/remake or even a new game series exist, it’s most likely that Sucker Punch will handle its development.

While the first year of PlayStation 5 doesn’t seem to have a lot of PS5 exclusives, Sony has assured that a lot of new games are in development for the PS5 on multiple occasions. So 2022, for the PlayStation 5 seems promising. A new Sucker Punch game could also be one of the yet to be announced games.