Is Returnal Coming to PC?

Returnal is a brand new third-person action game developed as an exclusive for the PS5 by Finnish developer Housemarque. It’s set to release on the PlayStation 5 on April 30th 2021. Returnal is Housemarque’s first game to be made for the PS5 and it’s one of the few PS5 exclusives to be released.

Returnal is a third-person action game which promises elements of platforming, rogue-lite and exploration in its gameplay.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Returnal and since it’s an exclusive for the PlayStation, naturally, lots of PC gamers are wondering if the game will be released for PC as well.

Is Returnal Coming to PC?

Because of the fact that other PlayStation Exclusive games like Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding made their way to PC, it’s actually not that foolish to think that Returnal will be released on PC too.

Since the announcement of Returnal, there hasn’t been any mention of a PC release yet. The developers have only talked about the PS5 release and nothing else.

However, this shouldn’t worry you because with the aforementioned games like Horizon Zero Dawn, there wasn’t much news about a PC release; yet the games were later released on PC anyway.
What this means though is that PC gamers will have to be very patient. The PS5 was heavily criticized for not having any good exclusives, which always serve as a massive incentive for people to buy a specific console.

Since Returnal is one of the first exclusives for the PS5, it’s unlikely that Sony would allow Housemarque to release a port anytime soon as this would be a gut-punch to PS5 users.

Another key factor to consider is that Housemarque put every single one of their projects on hold so they could work on Returnal as they considered it to be their “most ambitious and biggest game to date”.

This means that Housemarque will go back to working on their other titles after Returnal is released. They had several other games like “Stormdivers” in production before they paused everything to work on Returnal.

After Returnal, it’s very likely they’ll continue production on these games before they even think of a PC port for Returnal.

That said, you shouldn’t lose hope. The PC release of the AAA PS4 exclusives showed that Sony aren’t too stingy with their games and are willing to make a PC port for them if there’s enough demand for it, which is why it is completely possible for a PC port of Returnal to be released. We all just have to wait.