Fixes For Palworld Bugs, Errors And Related Issues

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A game that is similar to Nintendo’s Pokemon and has survival elements as well is something that sounds great. Pocketpair’s recently released (early access) Palworld has done just that and has quickly gone past 1.3M concurrent players on all platforms. At the time of writing, on Steam alone, the game has more than 1M concurrent … Read more

Forspoken Had Around $100 Million Budget


Forspoken, the much-marketed first game from Hajime Tabata’s Luminous Productions, hasn’t lived up to expectations. After years worth of marketing, the game was critically thrashed and now appears to be bombing, if Twitter user @bogarad222 is correct. A recent shareholder meeting apparently had Square Enix admit sales of the game have been “lackluster” so far. … Read more

PS5 Exclusive Returnal Could Arrive on PC Soon

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In the latest Earnings Call by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the gaming giant revealed positive numbers for its games on PC. They have assured fans that more games will arrive to PC platform. While there are a lot PlayStation exclusives still in-line for a release on PC, another contender seems to have appeared recently. If a … Read more

How To Fix Error Code Weasel In Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Witch Queen, dropped today, and as with every big expansion drop, players are encountering a lot of errors. Most prominently, Error Code Weasel has been popping up and keeping Guardians from playing. But, if you’ve been encountering this issue, we have a way to fix it. Error Code Weasel comes … Read more

How to Fix Lost Ark Connection Issues

Lost Ark is a Korean MMO that has proven wildly popular in its home Asian markets since it launched in 2019. Now that the game is launching in the West, however, it seems that right now Lost Ark connection issues are keeping many people from even being able to install the game. The connection issues, … Read more

How to Fix Crash Issues in Dying Light 2

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Techland’s latest game, Dying Light 2, has finally released today after years of waiting. However, as with every newly-released game, there’s a few issues that you may be encountering, especially on the PC. Thankfully, we have ways to address the issues with Dying Light 2 crashes, and have a few here to share. The official … Read more