MachineGames is Working on a AAA Multiplayer Title

MachineGames, who many Bethesda fans might remember as being responsible for Quake and the rebooted Wolfenstein games, are apparently in the process of working on a new AAA multiplayer game, though beyond that we don’t know what this new MachineGames game will be aside from a description in a job offer.

The offer in question is a hiring spot for their next Triple-A game, and specifies such requirements as having worked on at least one or two triple-A games in the past. They are also looking for someone with experience in programming artificial intelligence, bringing up “understanding multiplayer bots as human substitutes.”

Exactly what this might mean for the new game remains to be seen. MachineGames’s last offering was Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which put players in the role of Wolfenstein hero BJ Blazkowicz’s daughters and could be played either in co-op or in solo with a bot.

The game didn’t get the rave reviews of the previous two Wolfenstein games for a number of reasons, but it seems that MachineGames is trying again with whatever the new MachineGames game will be, especially since bots are a part of it. Whether it’s a new Wolfenstein or Quake game, however, is doubtful.

Both of those franchises are the tried-and-true formula of a super-soldier character gunning through hordes of enemies all by themselves. Not really the sort of place you’d find co-operative bots. If it is an entirely new IP though, it might be some kind of squad-based shooter.

Of course, at the moment, until MachineGames actually reveals what it’s working on, this is obviously all speculation. The job description doesn’t make mention of a whole new IP, but at the same time doesn’t give any other real hints of whether it might be in some upcoming Quake or Wolfenstein title.