New Sony Patent Suggests More Informative Game Pages for PS Store

A new Sony patent has just been publicly revealed, and it might just revolutionize buying games on the Playstation Store. The Sony game information patent would allow the game to give players a customized, context-sensitive page worth of information on the game that’s also dependent on the game’s lifecycle status, according to the abstract.

“The page is generated based on a layout that is specific to the phase of a lifecycle of the video game. The page is also customized based on a context of the user in the video game.”

The description of the patent describes the Playstation Store’s pages on various games being expanded to include more information on a game whenever it’s selected by someone browsing the store. It aims to give different kinds of descriptions depending on context and also depending on the game’s lifecycle, such as after a large, game-changing update.

The patent’s background description gives an example of someone wanting to know how a certain game’s gameplay ¬†looks. Using that context via something like a store search or other search engine, the display would bring up a video player showing off some of the gameplay of the game the person is interested in.

“Each of the interfaces can be specific to a type of information and/or types of functionalities. For instance, the GUI shows links to available games, a search engine, and a video application.”

The Sony game information patent’s ability to show this sort of information off in three different ways (such as the game itself, a video player, or a search bar), could revolutionize game searching, as well as possibly drawing in more people to play certain Playstation games if they find gameplay during their search.

The patent can also help a great deal with players having to sift through a large amount of different clutter if you’re looking for a certain game to play. With the different, context-sensitive methods of finding games or gameplay, interested gamers might have to shift through way less clutter to find what they’re looking for.

You can take a look at the new Sony game information patent for yourself by following this link. There’s no telling when (or even if) Sony will ever implement such a system, but it might make the Playstation Store easier to navigate if it ever does come.