Microsoft Is Brewing Something Related to Esports?

A new trademark leaked on Reddit has shown that Microsoft may be in the middle of creating its own esports competition. The leak, from Reddit user LongJohnSiIver, showed a trademark for a “Start.GG”. The description of this shows a number of esports related terms, which might confirm a Microsoft esports competition being made.

Considering the growing popularity of esports, where professional gamers gather into teams to play a variety of competitive games like Valorant, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and more, Microsoft wanting to get in on the game isn’t that much of a stretch. As one of the largest video game publishers, they could also throw create one of the larger ones.

Of course, as this is only a trademark for the name so far, there’s no telling what kind of games that this alleged new Microsoft esports competition may have in it. It could be specialized like some tournaments, or have multiple brackets for multiple games. And since this is just a trademark, Microsoft itself might still be figuring things out.

There’s also no telling exactly how well the competition will go over, if it decides to exist. While Microsoft’s might be the biggest tournament, there is also the possibility that it might fall more by the wayside, caught up in the large number of other esports tournaments that already exist.

But, again, this is only a trademark so far, and who knows how far along Microsoft’s plans for this actually extend? That in itself is also dependent on whether or not they actually play to make use of this alleged Microsoft esports competition name, rather than sitting on the trademark before someone else can get it.

Either way, if Microsoft does decide to make an esports competition of its own, hopefully it turns out to be successful. Until it’s actually confirmed, however, all anyone can really do is speculate.