Redfall Supports Mouse And Keyboard On Consoles

Arkane Studios’ upcoming game Redfall will apparently support console players using a mouse and keyboard when playing it, according to the game’s Xbox Store page. This will make the game the second Xbox title to launch with this feature, behind Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, which released back in 2019. Redfall is a first-person … Read more

Xbox Game Pass Deals Range From <$1M to $100+

xbox game pass

By this point Microsoft has been doing its best to promote its Game Pass service as a way to get cheap access to the latest games. Thanks to Twitter user Timur222, however, now we know roughly how much it’s been paying developers to put their latest games on the service. According to the LinkedIn page … Read more

Microsoft Is Brewing Something Related to Esports?

A new trademark leaked on Reddit has shown that Microsoft may be in the middle of creating its own esports competition. The leak, from Reddit user LongJohnSiIver, showed a trademark for a “Start.GG”. The description of this shows a number of esports related terms, which might confirm a Microsoft esports competition being made. Considering the … Read more

Microsoft Acquires Warner Bros and NetherRealm Producer

For some time now, there’s been a rumor that Microsoft has been interested in acquiring Warner Bros Games or NetherRealm Studios. Now, however, it seems like that rumor had a kernel of truth to it. Erin Piepergerdes, who had previously worked at NetherRealm, has been acquired by Microsoft as an executive producer. It’s a long … Read more