Sony First Party Studio is Working on a Narrative Driven Horror Game in UE5

Back in September 2021, an announcement was made that Sony Interactive Entertainment is acquiring Firesprite Games. Notably for Sony, the studio was involved in The Playroom and The Playroom VR. Currently, they are working on Star Citizen: Theaters of War.

However, it seems like that is not the only working title at Firesprite as the job listings on the official website mention a Narrative Driven Horror game which is being developed in Unreal Engine 5. One job listing reads:

We are looking for a Narrative Director to join our development team for a AAA narrative driven horror-adventure game in Unreal 5.  The Narrative Director is responsible for the project storytelling, helping establish & consider the game’s universe and lore, with responsibility for the quality implementation of narrative content for project milestones and ultimately the game’s release.

Apart from this job listing, if you explore the careers page further, you will know that Firesprite is hiring more people for the mentioned Narrative project. The FPS project, most probably is the Star Citizen one which they are publicly working on.

The game being developed in Unreal Engine 5 certainly is an enticing information as we have already seen what the latest version of Unreal Engine can do. The listed title could very well resemble Until Dawn.

Now the question is, when will this game be announced? Well, considering Sony Acquired the studio a few months back, it could very well be far away from the release considering they started the development on the Narrative Horror title after the acquisition. However, if they have been developing it before the acquisition, chances are that we might see it in action soon.

For now, if you are craving for more Until Dawn like experience, you can checkout its spiritual successor for Supermassive, The Quarry which has been announced recently.