The Last Oricru Devs Talk About Gameplay, Choices, Combat, RPG Elements and More

I am not sure about you but there is no such thing as “too many RPGs” for me. However, A no Role-playing game is better than a bad Role-Playing game. It’s hard to satisfy majority of RPG fans thanks to the diversity of the genre but “The Last Oricru” developers are trying their best to appease the masses with their upcoming RPG.

We had a chance to discuss some of the aspects of The Last Oricru with GoldKnights and we were able to get some interesting tidbits about the game. The interview with The Last Oricru devs is as following:

Q: Tell us a little bit about GoldKnights? What sort of games you guys like to develop and what are your prime inspirations behind those games?

Our colleagues have done many different games – shooters, arcades, VR games, FPS, hunting games and so on. However, this did not stop us to get together to start working on a genre we consider to be the king of genres – an action RPG! The Last Oricru is an action RPG with a strong emphasis on storytelling and player choices. The player is awakening in a sci-fi medieval world at a time of war and starts influencing the destiny of the whole nation. The game is designed as both – single-player and a coop experience.

Q: What game engine are you guys using to develop The Last Oricru and what’s the reason behind it?
We have started the development of the initial version of the game in 2015. In that year Epic released the Unreal Engine for free and we have decided to go with it. And we are still quite happy from that decision – the engine is powerful, the Epic support is good, the only downside is a limited developer-base, so it is a bit harder to find engineers or tech artists who are familiar with it.

Q: You guys are claiming that combat in The Last Oricru is tough and skill based. What was the prime inspiration behind such a combat?
The first and most obvious inspiration is Dark Souls. We love that game and take the hard, but fair combat system as the main inspiration. Of course we are adding our own spice to the recipe and for instance put a great focus on the branching story flow.

Q: Is there going to be a character creator to create a custom character at the start of the game?
No, The Last Oricru introduced Silver and his story in the middle of a raging civil war on Wardania. We didn’t want a name-less hero, but specific character with a particular sense of humor etc. BUT based on players decisions the story around character and even the character itself can change a lot…

Q: Will players be able to reset their skills/attributes in the game?
There will be an option of how to redistribute them…but not to reset them. With special items you will be able to twist some stats around though – takes some of your strength and put into intelligence and so on. The game is build to be replayed many times – so you can try a different story….and a different attribute distribution to play with different weapon classes.

Q: Are there any long range weapons like Bows in The Last Oricru? Will players be able to upgrade their weapons?
Yes there are! Players will be able to use bows, crossbows and even magic spells. And you can even upgrade your weapons. So, if you wish, you can carry your early weapons to the end and keep upgrading them over the course.

Q: On average, what is going to be the length of an average playthrough for The Last Oricru?
That is hard to say since everybody plays differently and can use different paths. Also it is too early to come up with an average estimate. But as already mentioned, the game is designed to allow and motivate for multiple playthroughs.

Q: Since it’s an RPG, how are you guys planning to introduce side quests in the game. Will they affect the storyline or they will just provide the experience to the players to level up?
The story and its quests is what drives the player thru the whole game. We purposely avoided classic side-quests (go and kill 5 rats in the cellar), which would deflect player from the story, but there is many hidden or secondary options of how to affect the story, help some characters to survive or even change the outcome of the war…those are our “side-quests”, but everything is connected…

Q: In co-op how will the loot be shared? Will it be the same loot for both players or it will be player specific? Will players be able to trade among them?
Everything is designed around three principles. First, enjoying more fun in coop (so different ways of killing bosses, different spells…). Second, not breaking the story flow (so second player is your hologram so it can’t talk for instance). And third, Hop on/off. You have a shared inventory and Skilltree.

Q: Since the game is coming on multiple platforms and it’s co-op, will there be crossplay?
No, The Last Oricru will only offer offline couch co-op.

Q: Any message you may want to give to your fans about the game?
We don’t judge you guys – play in own style, make own decisions and be whoever you want to be. A hero saving the planet or something much much darker… There is just one important thing – have tons of (shared) fun!!!

As you might know already, The Last Oricru for the time being is a next-gen exclusive game that might skip the last-gen consoles. However, when we asked the devs about this decision, they told us that it was “too early” to discuss PS4 and Xbox One release. So this means that we might see a last-gen release as well down the road.