How to Get Nightingale Arrows (Slingbow Ammo)

If Palworld and Enshrouded weren’t enough for you, another survival game, “Nightingale,” has entered the arena. Nightingale is in early access and is already gaining a lot of traction. At the time of writing, the game has almost 28k concurrent users on Steam.

While playing Nightingale, you will come across Slingbow, one of the first ranged weapons in the game. Naturally, players would want to know how to get arrows for it after getting a bow. This is where things get a little bit tricky.

The bow weapon you acquire isn’t really a bow; it’s a slingshot, and it fires marbles instead of arrows. So, if you want to use this Slingsbow, you will need to make rock marbles.

How to Craft Simple Rock Marbles for Slingbow

You need two things to craft Rock Marbles in Nightingale: Simple Workbench and crude rocks. You can go to Simple Workbench, which you will unlock in early phases of the game, and craft Rock Marbles using this Workbench. After crafting Rock Marbles, you can use these as Slingbow ammo (arrows). All you have to do is put the ammo in your inventory.

Nightingale has an ample supply of crude rock in different realms. However, it can be tricky to find. You should look for grassy patches where you can find a few stones on the ground.

rocks nightingale

Six rocks will net you 20 rock marbles (Slingbow ammo), so you won’t need crude rocks in large quantities. You can also get simple rock marbles dropped from defeated enemies, but crafting them is obviously a better way, as you won’t have to rely on RNG.

Apart from being the ammo for the bow (Slingbow) in Nightingale, You can also destroy Rock Marbles to get Essence Dust. As you might already know, Essence Dust can be used to purchase recipes and repair equipment and items, so it’s quite valuable, and you can get it from Rock Marbles.

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