How to Get Lumber in Nightingale

nightingale lumber featured image

In a survival game like Nightingale, crafting and materials are always important. You gather certain materials, and then you craft and build more from these materials. In Nightingale, lumber (wood and hardwood) is a material you can craft using Wood Bundles. This short guide will discuss how you can craft Lumber in Nightingale. Build a … Read more

How to Get Nightingale Arrows (Slingbow Ammo)

nightingale arrows slingbow ammo

If Palworld and Enshrouded weren’t enough for you, another survival game, “Nightingale,” has entered the arena. Nightingale is in early access and is already gaining a lot of traction. At the time of writing, the game has almost 28k concurrent users on Steam. While playing Nightingale, you will come across Slingbow, one of the first … Read more