How to Get Lumber in Nightingale

In a survival game like Nightingale, crafting and materials are always important. You gather certain materials, and then you craft and build more from these materials. In Nightingale, lumber (wood and hardwood) is a material you can craft using Wood Bundles. This short guide will discuss how you can craft Lumber in Nightingale.

Build a Simple Saw Table

The first step towards crafting Nightingale Lumber would be getting a Simple Saw Table. Like other equipment in Nightingale, you will need the schematic first. You can get the schematic to build a Simple Saw Table from any Essence Trader. However, you will need the Antiquarian Card to unlock the Simple Saw Table in Nightingale.

simple saw table

After the schematic, you will 8 Wood bundles, 4 stone blocks, and 4 animal fibre to build the Simple Saw Table. If you aren’t sure how to get Animal Fibre in Nightingale, you can craft it using Simple Tanning Station and Meat. 2 Meat will get you one Animal Fibre.

Craft Lumber from Wood Bundles

Lumber crafting nightingale
After getting the saw table, you can interact with it, and it will give you the option to craft Lumber. For 2 Wood bundles, you will get 1 Lumber. While you might find it tempting to use all your wood to get Lumber, I will advise that you keep some Wood as you will also need Wood to craft other items and materials in Nightingale.

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