25 Minutes of Saints Row PS5 Gameplay Leaked

Deep Silver Volition is trying to reboot the franchise with Saints Row. The reboot will feature more “grounded action” steering the franchise into a different direction. The game has recently gone gold so we won’t be expecting any delays.

While the game is still almost a month away from the release, a 25 minutes of gameplay footage has been leaked online. It seems like the footage is from PlayStation 5:


The subtitles seem like Japanese and as you can see, there is IGN logo watermark as well. So the footage must have been uploaded by someone at IGN and before they could take it down, it might have been spotted and downloaded.

As for the footage itself, while the gameplay looks fine, the visuals, and animations seem quite old-gen. Fans who have seen this footage seem quite disappointed. But again, visuals aren’t everything in a game, right? Saints Row will feature a deep customization system which should definitely add to the overall appeal of the game.

Saints Row will also feature co-op mode so wrecking Mayhem in Santo Ileso with friends should be fun as well. Since the game has gone gold, we expect to see some official gameplay footage and details from Volition. So stay tuned for further updates.