Rumor: Could A Nintendo Switch 2 Announcement Be Coming This Year

For a while now, one of the big hopes for Nintendo Switch players is that a new version of the Switch, alternatively called the Switch 2 or the Switch Pro, is in the making. Now, insider Jeff Grubb claimed on the Last of the Nintendogs podcast that he’s heard things about a new ¬†version.

Grubb uses a leak made by an alleged Pokemon employee who accurately predicted everything that Nintendo was going to announce on Pokemon Day earlier this week, and who also claimed that the Switch would be getting a graphical update and “new models” to handle Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC.

Of course, English also wasn’t the leaker’s first language, so “new models” could mean anything. It could even mean promotional Switch versions that are intended to further promote the DLC, or something to that effect. There haven’t been any other versions of the Switch released since its 2017 launch, other than an OLED version that came out in 2021.

A common criticism of the Nintendo Switch is that it’s not as graphically powerful as other consoles, even when docked in its charging port. However, if a new model¬†is coming out, one that has higher processing power, then that might be able to help some of the Nintendo Switch games that have been having issues with graphical quality lately, like the last two generations of Pokemon.

Of course, at the same time, Nintendo has made no real moves to indicate that a new model of the Nintendo Switch is coming other than the OLED version. New variants of Nintendo Wii U and Switch consoles that are based on the games they’re promoting, however, have been fairly common.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLCs are slated to be coming out in Fall and Winter of this year, so we’ll likely learn exactly what plans Nintendo has for the Switch then. Otherwise, all we can do is wait and see if we do get a new model of Switch.