How to Fix Crash Issues in Dying Light 2

dying light 2

Techland’s latest game, Dying Light 2, has finally released today after years of waiting. However, as with every newly-released game, there’s a few issues that you may be encountering, especially on the PC. Thankfully, we have ways to address the issues with Dying Light 2 crashes, and have a few here to share. The official … Read more

Nate The Hate Podcast Predicts That Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Might Not Release in 2022

xenoblade 3

The year has only just started, and already some industry commentators are making predictions on what games will come out this year. The Nate The Hate podcast in particular made a number of Nintendo Switch predictions for the year in its latest episode, about a wide variety of Nintendo games. One prediction, for instance, was … Read more

Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Using Unreal Engine?

One of the big surprises of the Playstation Showcase earlier this month was the reveal that Aspyr Media were in the process of developing a Knights of the Old Republic remake, revamping a classic RPG that fans have been clamoring for a remake for for years. It might even be in Unreal Engine. This information … Read more