Nikkei: Nintendo Switch 2 in March 2025, Was Originally Planned for 2024

nintendo switch 2 release date

It’s been a while since we have been hearing about a potential Nintendo Switch 2 unofficially. However, after all the speculation and rumors, we still don’t have an official confirmation for the release of the next Nintendo hardware. Recently, Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe, A Brazilian Journalist who also leaked Nintendo information in the past, shared … Read more

Nintendo Patents “Attestation Program” To Fight Cheating, Software Changes


When it comes to Nintendo, they are quite touchy about their products whether, it’s hardware or software. While there is nothing wrong in protecting your IPs, the Japanese video games company sometimes uses extreme methods (content on Youtube for instance) to block their content and also face some criticism in the community for these methods. … Read more

Nate The Hate Podcast Predicts That Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Might Not Release in 2022

xenoblade 3

The year has only just started, and already some industry commentators are making predictions on what games will come out this year. The Nate The Hate podcast in particular made a number of Nintendo Switch predictions for the year in its latest episode, about a wide variety of Nintendo games. One prediction, for instance, was … Read more

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Release Date is Yet to be Decided?

Back in February, GameFreak and Nintendo caught everyone off guard by revealing Pokemon Legends: Arceus, an open-world Pokemon game for the Switch that took place in the distant past. Now an insider is claiming that the Pokemon promotional images for the revealed games may give us information on their development status. Alongside Pokemon Legends: Arceus, … Read more