Nikkei: Nintendo Switch 2 in March 2025, Was Originally Planned for 2024

It’s been a while since we have been hearing about a potential Nintendo Switch 2 unofficially. However, after all the speculation and rumors, we still don’t have an official confirmation for the release of the next Nintendo hardware.

Recently, Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe, A Brazilian Journalist who also leaked Nintendo information in the past, shared that Nintendo Switch 2 (or successor to Nintendo Switch) will be released in Q1 2025 and announced in June 2024. Now, Japanese outlet Nikkei seems to think that the Nintendo Switch 2 release date will be in March 2025, which is what the Brazilian journalist said as well.

The published article is behind a paywall, but according to the translated summary:

Nintendo will release a successor to the Nintendo Switch game console as early as March 2025. Like the Switch, it is expected to be a game machine with both stationary and portable features. Many in the industry predicted that the model would be released in 24 years, but priority was given to securing the initial inventory of the successor model and the lineup of leading software at the time of release, such as measures to prevent resale.

The successor model adopts a larger screen than the Switch (the standard model is 6.2 inches), and it is also used for games that sell higher definition image quality …

Another interesting bit to note here is that the outlet believes that the Nintendo Switch 2 release date was pushed back because Nintendo wanted to make sure that they have sufficient inventory to meet the demand. This, of course, would mean that genuine buyers won’t have to deal with the scalpers as in the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 case. If this is true, then this is good news for fans.

In February 2024, Nintendo Switch was reported to surpassed 140M units sold since its release back in March 2017. Since the current Nintendo Switch was also release in March, it would make sense that Nintendo wants to release the Switch successor in March as well.

We hope these reports are true and we will get to see the next Nintendo gaming console in June, with a release in March 2025.