New Obsidian Entertainment Job Listings Mention A “New World-Class RPG”

Obsidian Entertainment seems to have a lot on its plate right now, with multiple games announced in the past few years and even more rumored for the future. A new brace of Obsidian Entertainment jobs have popped up on the company’s LinkedIn page, all of them intended to help with Obsidian’s next “world-class RPG”.

While we have no idea exactly what this new game might be, whether it’s already been announced or rumored, hopefully it will continue Obsidian’s tradition of well-written, engrossing game worlds. But even then, what exactly are these different jobs intended for?

Obsidian has multiple games in the works right now, including its open-world RPG Avowed (which takes place in the Pillars of Eternity universe), Outer Worlds 2, and Pentiment, an RPG in the style of Disco Elysium. However, there could also be unannounced games in the works. For instance, rumors have been floating around that Microsoft is in talks with Obsidian about a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas.

Of course, until the game is actually named, all that we can do is speculate on what exactly it’s going to be. While we haven’t heard anything about Avowed since its announcement at the 2020 Summer of Gaming, and Outer Worlds 2 was announced in the summer of 2021. Both of those games likely have development long underway, however.

The sorts of Obsidian Entertainment jobs shown in the listings are a variety of programmers and designers, which might mean the game is entering pre-production and hasn’t really been announced yet. We might be able to expect some kind of announcement when Obsidian is ready for it (or when summer rolls around), but until then all we can do is speculate.

If you’re actually interested in the possibility of working for the studio, you can find all of the Obsidian Entertainment jobs by following this link to the company’s LinkedIn page.